The Soul on Its Way to Freedom

4th revised edition. ISBN 978-952-260-770-6

This book has not yet been translated into other languages.

This book is based on case studies and is an encouraging description of courage and the necessity of letting go. Sielu matkalla vapauteen (The Soul on the Voyage to Freedom) is a book on spirit beings, life after death and problems caused by a spirit attaching itself to the energy field of a person. The book describes symptoms and illnesses spirits induce in their hosts, how to redeem the spirits and how this is experienced by the person.

Researchers claim that the first human concepts of life on the other side are based on dream experiences. Grave findings including everyday utensils meant for the voyage to the spirit world corroborate this idea. The belief in the existence of spirits is shared by all the cultures of the world. 

The world conquest of reason and science, study of matter began when Isaac Newton in 1687 lay the foundation for the concept of classical mechanics. This resulted in a person not only losing their life in death but also her cosmic dimension. Materialistic research confined a human into being merely a physical body living in a linear, historical world. Alas, times and customs change. The media has awakened to the growing interest in the paranormal and quantum physics opens a totally new world for us, which also includes the invisible, the human soul, the spirit.

The prevailing western concept of life after death is that upon death we whizz into the light, into the great embrace of our Creator. This is however not always the case, neither millennia ago nor today. Some spirits remain in the earthly sphere and cause many sorts of trouble. They may attach themselves into the human energy field and bring on health problems, especially mental ones.

The core of my work and studies involves spirit release, clearing of the human energy field, where spirits are dislodged from the patient’s energy field. Treatment results are all marvelous and this should be held as of paramount importance. This work brings about personal results that reverberate in the whole society. 

Ever more people are looking for aid to their troubles from energy treatments. They yearn for a balanced and holistic approach that brings together clinical and traditional medicine as both health and healing involve many factors. 

The awareness of the existence of dimensions beyond our very materialistic worldview aids us to understand ourselves and the reality surrounding us. Through understanding this in turn brings peace and harmony into our lives. 

Making amends with oneself and giving praise where praise is due before “ashes to ashes” can also bring about miracles.

ISBN 978-952-260-117-9

All editions of this book are sold out. Single copies may still be found in Era Nova bookstore and the web store of Ultra magazine. 

Vapaaksi henkien vallasta (Release from Spirit Dominance) / Sarre, Berg, Rintala ISBN 978-952-5318-18-0

(This book holds a most extensive reference list)

This is the first book on the work of releasing a person from spirit possession in Finnish. Each author illuminates the subject from their own perspective. 

The book is sold out but some copies may be found in ie. Era Nova bookstore.