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Clearing i.e. releasing a person from spirit possession

(Clearing, Spirit Release)

This work is based on immortality of the soul and the ability of a mediumistic healer to contact spirits in another dimension. Not all spirits find their way to the light after shedding their physical body. Some stay to roam our world and cause both mental and bodily disturbance. Clearing signifies redeeming a soul and guiding it into light.


Spirit healing is the oldest and most common form of therapy in the world. Ancient and modern knowhow merge in this work.

Spirits leeching the human energy field may cause anxiety, compulsive behaviour, aggression, depression and fatigue also causing the host to seem like a stranger, at times visibly. The change may be momentary i.e. in a state of intoxication and is noticeable among other things in the eyes.


These spirit energies bring with them information in the form of their own characteristics and emotions, even symptoms caused by illnesses. They attach themselves to the weakest part of their host, create a degenerative state and thus add to the burden of problems.


Clearing applied by a trained, knowing and able healer can be performed on all, be the host a baby or an elderly person. Sometimes even animals can have disturbing energies and troubles in their energy field. Everyone has heard mention of ghosts, spirits restlessly meandering in a space. Ghosts can also be guided onward from earth dimensions using clearing. Underage children are mainly helped with distant healing and the child need not even know of their therapy. A safer and more gentle form of treatment can hardly be found. All results of such treatment have been thoroughly good.


The treatment is all about changing a state of chaos into one of order, imbalance into balance. The healing energy flows between the healer and the person treated with a small delay and penetrates all known barriers and is effective hundreds of miles away. It is not limited by time or place and this enables distant healing. Not all ailments burdening us earthly souls are caused by the spirit world. The odds of recovery, however are certainly far improved after a clearing treatment no matter what additional basic treatment is utilized. A balanced energy field is a natural state of a healthy person and disturbances in the field can be recognized as symptoms, pains and illnesses. 


Recovery is a self regulatory process and clearing treatment boosts and enables this process. Disappointment is likely if the person seeking help considers energy treatment akin to medication as illness is also a sign of a necessity for change. Treatment can never be a shortcut and the healer cannot bear the responsibility or act over what we ourselves are responsible for. 


Clearing treatment suits all ages and can clear the way to recuperation also in cases where no medical cause for the illness can be found or when no medication brings relief.


Clearing spaces


Spectres or ghosts are familiar terms that hold a firm position all the way from children’s cartoons to literature and visual arts. They have been exploited as both entertainers and horror factors. Ghosts and their echoing steps in the empty loft have even managed to raise the interest of scientific circles. Non-material dwellers beyond time disappointed in love and lost in their dark paths wander the old city buildings.


Our attitude towards ghosts is mostly an understanding one as there are so many stories told of them and ghosts have always existed. They are part of our everyday life. This however doesn’t mean they won’t give us trouble, especially if they are of a cranky, vengeful frame of mind, considering themselves eternal householders. Children have nightmares and dare not sleep, no-one wants to enter the cellar, no matter how well lit it is. There is a musty, anxious feeling in the house, even after thorough cleaning and ventilation. If the property is on sale a prospective buyer turns on his heels in the hall and doesn’t return. Electric lamps and the radio turn themselves on and off, the fuses act up. This kind of turmoil is likely to test one’s endurance and resilience.


Spaces can be cleared just like human energy fields. This can also be performed through distant healing. A photo helps to spot the location and the job gets done.



I noticed a while ago a phenomenon concerning young truly luminous boys, wise beyond their age, from ca. 4-13 years. This has happened to a few girls, but mostly concerns boys.

The anomaly resembles a seizure, as it tends to appear in surprising bursts and brings on very aggressive behaviour. The child will attack parents and siblings as well as playmates. The child has no compassion during the seizure, although compassionate afterwards. The child’s speech can become very coarse, he will snap and insult. Both voice and appearance can resemble a stranger. Especially the eyes. The whole demeanor of the child becomes such that the parents all but recognize their son. The situation can calm down all of a sudden, just as it began, but will be brought on again by some minute factor, i.e. a glance or something else.


Something else

These bursts have nothing to do with the awkward stage, preadolescence or awakening hormones. Neither are they caused by a problematic social background, hyperactivity or anything such. This is something else. Nor is this addiction rage caused by computer games or other technology and sleeplessness. 

There are some similarities with the effects of bullying in that the bullied child will imitate the behaviour of the bully. Yet the anomaly in question is something altogether different.


This aberration is not connected to any of the above mentioned because it is quite easily treated with energy. The younger the child, the more instant the change. The children never know they are being treated, but parents have in their feedback reported that behaviour has changed midplay noticeably, also according to outsiders. I’ve received some messages, where mothers give thanks for getting back their child. The abrasively bad mouthed mother of a youth suddenly hears that she is the dearest and best of all mothers and housework assistance is offered without being asked for. The change for good is astounding also to the therapist, especially in that the disturbance does not return. In rare cases the treatment has been repeated after a few weeks or months.


What is this, where does it come from and why?

Many years of healing experience give me courage to admit that I don’t know. The usual factors involved in energy clearing as described in these pages are not at play here. Here we have only energy, albeit in intelligent and selective form. It invalidates the possibilities of a good start in life, which is why I have chosen to call it a counterforce. 

I recommend that parents with aforementioned problems contact a healer listed in these pages. We all do the same work and are thus equal. 


Evil eye, envy, jealousy

Jealousy and toxic relationships may cause serious problems in our life. Back stabbing is an expressive term as many (victims of the evil eye) feel a sharp pain in their back.

This negative energy sent by another is like a bullet that pierces the protection of the auric field. It attaches itself to an area, where the victim’s resistance is at its weakest. It can cause constant falls and bumps, tools may break and the computer causes intermittent grief. Bad luck seems to lurk in every area of life. The effect is degenerative both physically and mentally. It can even be destructive, which seems to be the purpose. The unfortunate victim has no idea what is happening. Blood pressure can skyrocket and the heart seems to jump out of one’s chest, healing processes just won’t advance and life altogether feels like dragging oneself through a quagmire.


None of this can be found in an open conflict as openness is at least fair. Jealousy isn’t. Nothing is sacred to the jealous person. The worst forms of jealousy I have met in my work are sibling- and child envy. Fortunately a clairvoyant healer can usually find out who the sender of this evil eye is and is able to sever the destructive connection. Hatred and vengeance have no place here. Understanding and diplomatic distancing is the best, forgiveness above all.